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“Portia Little's cookbook series not only provides wonderful recipes, amusing anecdotes and a peek into her kitchen, the smaller-than-average size of each book is a major convenience. No more re-writing a list of ingredients to take to the market; the book fits right into pocket or purse.”
Sandy Olson, Food Columnist - “Cookbookin'”

“There is something for every taste bud in The Easy Vegetarian and I find the dishes are "easy" to eat -- meaning "delicious and I need a second serving, please".”
Monita Olive, List Manager, CookbooksEtcetera

- Finger Lakes Food, Fact & Fancy -
“Her recipes are easy-to-follow and mouth-watering. They only require ingredients found at your grocery store, as well as tools in a regular kitchen. … make you feel as if you have traveled to the Finger Lakes on a weekend trip.”
Jennifer A. Wickes, Food Writer

- New England Seashore Recipes & Rhyme -
“The recipes, as all recipes Portia includes in her books, are tested, easy and delicious! The poems make you wish you could visit every single shore along the New England Coast!”
Sonia Martinez, Author, Tropical Taste
Her food & garden blog:

- Lusty Limericks & Luscious Desserts -
“Portia Little has a sweet recipe for success. Little's limericks invite me to roll on the floor with laughter and her desserts, especially the chocolate ones, put me in the land of pure delight.”
Kas Winters, "The Mother of Family Ideas"
Owner of Winmark Communications, providing resources to help families thrive

“I just love the size of these, so easy to slip into your purse and take to the grocery store. Wonderful books that are going to be used and used and used.”
SuzyQ Lewis, Author, Bakery Shoppe Memories
List Manager, Bakery Shoppe

- Recipes, Roses & Rhyme -
“Never underestimate the power of a small cookbook, especially when it's filled with romantic recipes like 'Ruffly Bubbly Pancakes,' 'Sweetheart Cookies,' and 'Orange Marmalade Chicken.' The way to his or her heart starts in these pages …”
Betty Pleuthner, Fundraising Consultant

“I give these books a resounding “Five Spoons Up” …”
Silvia Richardson-Wallis
Cloudy Mountain Books

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